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AvatarCK Lai

@ Wonderslug: If you’re referring to the “little dots” for MERCS Recon… those are just heat signature blips. When you move into LOS, you draw an event card and resolve who they are… so when you read of encountering employees or Security Forces, you’ll replace the coloured discs with their minis.

Having said that… only the Secfor 1 to 4 have minis. The employee minis are still being manufactured as KS bonuses.

However: What you’ll get in the retail box are discs with artwork (like in Descent 2E or Star Wars: Imperial Assault) to replace the coloured discs. So like those 2 FFG games, you’ll have to buy an add-on pack for the employees.

As for Z:BP… I played the intro quest last night and it was lots of fun! Perfect gateway game. Simple rules (once you get the hang of double spawns) and fun gameplay. I might feel differently once the tougher KS bonus zombies arrive next year, though ;