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AvatarCK Lai

@Deliverymanxas : Hmmm… if you got the base Kickstarter, you do need to get the 2.0 materials as they clarify and simplify a lot of the rules and unified all the keywords.

What did you miss? It’s a pure solo/co-op dungeon crawl. Right now, the only solo/co-op dungeon crawls available are the D&D ones (Drizzt, Ravenloft etc.). Can’t think of any more pure co-ops that are currently available (aside from buying used on eBay, although tons of co-op dungeon crawls are coming in 2016).

If you’re used to the D&D/FFG games, the turn order is very static. One player activates his character, does everything he wants, then play passes to the next player. When all are done, the Overlord activates. Or one player finishes off his turn, then the automated Overlord activates.

Myth does it differently. You are free to activate in any order you choose, with any actions you use (although you’re limited to one major action in your turn, but you may use as many secondary action as you have available slots). Play can pass back and forth between the players. Example: You can use your Mountain Crumbles spell to blast an opening in the wall of minions facing me… then I slip in and deal 3 damage to the enemy Lair. Then you follow in behind me to destroy the lair with your secondary attack. Then I can activate again to pick up the treasure that dropped after destroying the lair. Then if we have any more slots left, we can play cards to get us out of there before the minions surround us.

Also, the Automated Overlord (AO) turn isn’t always guaranteed. It all depends on how active you are in a given round. The AO could activate 3 rounds from now… or he could activate twice in a round because you were very active and killed off a lot of minions.

But when the AO activates… bad things can happen. Very bad things. Especially if you’ve been extra heroic and dealt a lot of damage. Captains could spawn… or worse, a mini-boss! Or the Lair could explode in your face, dealing you damage and causing a final massive spawn of minions. You never know just what lies around the corner. Unlike Super Dungeon Explore, you don’t necessarily have to destroy to lair to complete the quest… but you do have to finally clear the tile of all enemies before you can progress.

And all 5 characters play very very differently. You really need to play several games with the same character to learn/discover his full potential. Myth was probably the first game to provide such clear differentiation between its main characters. Many games are now doing the same thing.

It’s a pity Megacon games never did extensive blind play-testing to iron out the game’s rules. If they had, and version 1.0 came out as polished as 2.0 is now, Myth would probably rank as high as the best dungeon crawls available (IMHO).

It’s only because of the (deserved, in some cases) criticism the 1.0 rules drew when the game finally appeared that caused the game to fly under the radar, even with the much-improved-that-it’s-practically-a-new-game 2.0 rules.

Sorry. Not easy to answer your question briefly, but hope that gives you a better idea why I enjoy the game so much. you can read my 2 game sessions below to form your own opinion:

The 2nd game is more a narrative story: