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@CK – according to the rulebook (p18) Samson can also kill off the Abomination at red level with his +1 damage melee skill combined with his 2 damage melee weapon.
Hmmm – need pay more attention to these rules such as the Fatty requiring a 2Damage weapon hit to be killed not just simply 2 hits from any old weapon. Seems I’ve been playing the super simple rules based on the total number of hit damage not the actual damage value (ie armour penetration type of thing).

Here are links to my painted figures:
Z:BP figures

Broke out Battlefleet Gothic last night for some cruiser on cruiser action. Great fun. I’d really like to see a revisit on that game.

A Z:BP style dashboard would be a nice improvement to Eldritch or Arkham Horror to handle items and tracking wounds & abilities.