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AvatarCK Lai

@Deliverymanxas : in that case… sell off all your other games? 😀 😀 😀

Yeah time. I’m grateful I have the space (a tiny space to be sure) to set up my own dedicated gaming table. The one thing about board games vs PC games is the setup time. So when I set up a game, I tend to play it for at least a couple of days to maximise gaming time and minimise setup/cleanup time.

So in the case of Myth, I tend to play quest chains for a more complete adventure and just ignore the whole “shuffle in the cards in the quest deck and draw a random quest” thing. For example, I started out with “The Weaver’s Need” quest since that was the one they used for the playthrough example and just finished up the entire quest chain. Very satisfying. My next was “The Mad King”. I’m on the final chapter now, so finishing it will give me my first title.