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Can you speak to the setup of each map/scenario?

One of my major turnoffs toward Myth (a game I continuously try to convince myself to like) is much of the encounter setup seems to be based on the player(s)’ choices.

I’m speaking from memory of the Rhado Runs Through review of the game. Don’t the players get to pick which tiles, dungeon arrangement, which monsters will be there, etc.? Thinking of those little icons on the corner of each tile.

To me, the fun of a dungeon crawl is the surprises, the not knowing what’s behind the next door. Getting to pick and choose every aspect of the “quest” I’m about to go on seems a little underwhelming and gives me this “what’s the point” attitude toward it, ya know?

I totally get that there are players who enjoy this type of world building, and from everything I hear this game is fantastic…for those people. I’m just not one of those people. I like someone else to do all the world building, so I can just sit down and be immersed in the adventure, the discovery.

Is it different in 2.0?

Like I said, ever since the Kickstarter campaign which I didn’t back, I’ve looked at this game as something I feel like I SHOULD like, but I just get bored every time I try to learn anything about it.