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CK Lai

@UH: Thanks! Had fun doing them. One final BatRep is on the way… I’m still playing the game but you WILL see a BetRep for a Breach & Clear. As for my avatar, I only have one thing to say: Frau Blücher!

The plastic. You’re wrong there, UH. Hard as it may be to believe (and I do own a ton of Deadzone minis by now) the Deadzone restic is actually BETTER than whatever plastic they used for MERCS Recon. The Deadzone restic was a pain to clean up, but it was matte and hard and relatively easy (though time consuming) to dispose of. The MERCS plastic is shiny and very rubbery. Try to trim it with a knife and it goes all floppy and bendy on you. Never seen anything like it before. And this is coming from someone who’s survived the Sedition Wars and Deadzone minis assembly. The only saving grace is: there aren’t that many minis to clean up, unlike Sedition Wars.

: Thanks! Like I told UH, I had lots of fun doing them… especially when the US/EU/Oz backers haven’t yet received their games yet. Haha. Yes, a very deep feeling of entitlement do I sense. 😉

In my case, I’m thankful the tiles and frames came out 99.9% OK. Some minute scratches and dings that might have occurred naturally anyway. But I’ve spoken to few backers from Malaysia that did receive damaged tiles and frames… although they both said that after careful checking, the damage seems to have been done prior to packing.

Yeah, I would’ve preferred standees myself. But it looked like the production for this game was done on the cheap. Witness the plastic minis. The tiles are good and firm… but not up to Myth quality. Even the boxes. Good. But not like Myth. I could go on, but you get the idea.