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CK Lai

@Razide: that’s primarily it although some older games (like Mordheim and Necromunda) provide the same RPG-style levelling up in a skirmish game. Frostgrave is a modern incarnation of such games.

A board game typically has a smaller playing area (2 x 2) and has grids on the board for measurement. I’ve never really understood the tabletop miniatures gamer’s disdain for grids. It’s just another method for measuring. But apparently Real Tabletop Miniatures Gamers Use Measuring Tape. A minis skirmish game starts at 2 x 2 and goes up to 4 x 4.

But really, there’s nothing to stop either of these 2 types of games to provide the experience you’re looking for. Nova Aetas seems to be focused on combat-related RPG leveling up (like Frostgrave) but in a board game form. Carnevale is primarily focused on the combat skirmish aspect. There’s no leveling up provided for at all. Although it does have a wider range of possible actions (compared to your typical skirmish game) that’s very RPG-like.

It all boils down to what you’re looking for. Nova Aetas gets you playing out of the box. Carnevale: you need to assemble and paint your minis, then build your terrain before you can play. Both are focused on combat. NA gives you RPG-like leveling up. Carnevale doesn’t.