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Universal Head

Well, I feel like a bit of an idiot, but I went and ordered Planetfall. I haven’t even played DZC yet, but the miniatures are beginning to irritate me as I paint them. They’re small, plastic, and basic, and the cost of buying just a couple of extra tanks is exorbitant.

As I looked at Planetfall the figures looked much chunkier, imaginative and exciting, and while it still sure ain’t cheap, it’s more affordable to expand than DZC, and you can expand in nice little chunks called ‘helixes’.

Oh, and the DZC infantry figures are really crap: static and toylike. The Planetfall ones have far more personality and come on textured bases with little bits of scenery.

Also, I believe DZC is more strategic and ‘heavy’ and Planetfall is more fun and easygoing, and the latter is more my gaming style.

Anyway, it’s been an expensive exercise, but I might finish painting up the DZC figures anyway and sell them to cover some of my costs.