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Z:BP – ha! A CNY holiday turns into a 6+ month delay, more likely CMoN staff went on a long 2 month or more holiday over Christmas & NewYear before they had finished all the extras.

I wonder if The Others:7 Sins will suddenly have a 3-6 month blowout to their March2016 delivery date ?
19thJan update :“Very soon we will be entering the Chinese New Year, which sees factories closed for a while, and afterwards it takes considerable time for everything to get back up and running normally. Therefore we already have a pretty good idea we won’t make the initial estimate of a March delivery. The actual delivery shouldn’t be much later than that, but we just wanted to make sure you were aware of where things stood in order to avoid any frustration. Keep in mind the delivery estimate is just that, an estimate, and we always do our best to deliver as soon as possible, but quality is always paramount. We will most definitely update you as soon as we have a better idea of when delivery can be expected.”