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CK Lai

The only game where CMON managed to deliver anywhere near their estimated delivery timetable was Blood Rage (if I’m not mistaken). That’s also probably because the number of backers was smaller. Ditto the number of minis they had to produce. So they should’ve learned what is realistically do-able in the time frame they have.

Since CMON loves to overlap campaigns (and KS lets them) before delivery of the previous one, CMON will keep on giving unrealistic delivery schedules until they’ve learned what they realistically can and cannot do.

But yeah… a knock on effect in delays of a project will inevitably lead a game project to bump up against the dreaded CNY holidays. I used to love the CNY, because I’d get lots of $$$ as a kid 🙂 Now that I’m married, I have to give out $$$, so I’m less enamoured of the holiday. Plus, it now also impacts the delivery date of my KS games 😀

(Plus CNY actually lasts for 15 days! So folks will return home a few days earlier and back to work a few days after that. 21 days is very realistic for the CNY period. It’s also the most major holiday for Chinese in China, because that’s the only one they will return home to their home town for, and they will take that as their annual leave as well. All other holidays and festivals you don’t need to return to the home town.)

The Others: I guess we’ll just have to trade timely delivery for lots and lots of freebies that we’d otherwise have to pay extra $$$ for, and be content with that. I’m sure buying the other 5 Sins at retail will cost way more than what we pledged for the KS (plus shipping from the USA!). Not to mention the other KS-only exclusives that CMON seems to delight in.