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CK Lai

Masmorra? Chibi appeals to the Asian market, where a lot of Japanese style stuff sells well. Krosmaster tournaments are big in this part of the world. Apparently, those who play the game say if you can overlook the minis, the game itself is very deep and tactical.

Widower’s Wood: yeah. Slow going hitting the SG’s and shipping to Malaysia costs a fortune because PP plan to ship the games all the way from the USA. Did you see their shiping charges for China? $60-70! And the game is manufactured there! I was interested in the game, but the high cost of shipping put me off. Sure, I paid as much for Z:BP and 7 sins… but there was at least double the minis compared to Widowers Wood. Sad to say, PP are not even trying.

Oh well… looks like my wallet is safe for this one. I’ll probably put the funds to Twisted instead 😉