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In my opinion, they’re not bad. They could definitely be trimmed down a bit and made much more concise. I must point out though, that my opinion is based on my reading of the core rule book in a vacuum. I’ve never read another miniature war gaming book to have any sort of comparison.

Now for a funny story…I don’t know how I forgot about this until just now.

See those PanO Fusiliers in my drawer? I actually base coated those at a hobby night a couple weeks back. The hobby night was held at a local guy’s house, who I’d never met before. The guy is actually……..wait for it………the lead editor of the rule book for Infinity!! LOL Small world eh?

So before I learn this jewel of information I mention how I’m currently working through the rule book and mention some of my critiques of it. It essentially goes like this…

me “I think I may be approaching the rules from a less than optimal approach.”
him “how so?”
me “Well, as a noob, I’m reading the book in its entirety, page by page. I want to learn it all, right? There are a lot of skills and special rules and details about a bunch of things that, when taken without context as they’re written, don’t hold a lot of meaning to me. I think perhaps I need to build an army of troops, see what specific skills they have and look those up individually instead of trying to learn the whole book.”
He looks at me with a puzzled look “hmmm. Well, you know, I actually edited the book.”
me: awkward pause….

As I understand it, he’s also the editor on the upcoming re-release/N3 update of the Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso books.

Anyway, he was a super nice guy and didn’t take offense or anything like that. It’s pretty neat to have someone so connected to the game so close to home.

Perhaps some of you more experienced war gamers could offer some comparison between the Infinity rules and other war games?