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AvatarCK Lai

LOL. Thanks for the very detailed explanation, guys. Sounds like they need to do something like what FFG did in Imperial Assault (and, I think, other games as well): 1 quickstart rulebook (for noobs), 1 detailed rules glossary (for tourney players).

If that’s the case: maybe you guys should take a look at the MERCS universe? lower cost of entry, only 5 minis per side per game. Similar style of minis (and maybe a bit more “character” to my eyes, even though I think production wise, the Infinity minis are superior from a technical aspect). Similar needs in terms of terrain (2 x 3). Apparently very different rules and gameplay, though 😉

(You might be able to re-purpose the Infinity minis as the MERCS faction cards are actually available for download for free, as are the rules).