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AvatarUniversal Head

Stocking up on paints is expensive but once you have a good range they last a while and you only have to make occasional replacements. I use the Citadel paints, with a few Vallejo and Army Painter bits and bobs (mostly washes) thrown in. You can really prune down the Citadel range because it is ridiculously comprehensive; I’m sure some of the paints are just other paints with a bit of white mixed in. And you don’t need things like the ‘dry’ range. A basic understanding of colour theory helps here – eg adding yellow or white to green gives you two different green highlight colours.

I use a few Windsor and Newtown Series 7 Kolinsky Sable brushes, say a 1 and 00 to start with – don’t bother with cheap brushes (except for drybrushing). Learn how to care for them though.

The Privateer Press wet palette is the most revolutionary addition to my painting arsenal in years, and it is absolutely worth getting. It makes paints last longer, and blending easier. Get one or make one yourself.

For prep, you’ll need some needle files (one with a flat side and a rounded side is the most useful), a metal scalpel with changeable blades, and a pair of plastic clippers. Don’t get the overpriced GW versions, they’re just as good and cheaper at art supply and hardware stores. A self-healing mat is pretty essential too.

I bought acyrlic paint racks from Back-2-Base-ix which are pretty handy.

Have fun!