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I think only you can make that call, Kent.

If what you’ve seen so far is enticing, then go for it. If you can get a good price on the Icestorm box, then that’ll give you enough minis to paint and play with to make an informed decision about going further with the game. There’s currently no other entry point for Infinity that provides the “game in a box” experience. All of the other starter boxes are limited to one small group of troops for one army.

I highly recommend watching battle reports and other videos to learn the basics of the game. The rule books are OK, but as mentioned already, they’re not really the best way to learn the game. Beasts of War also has an excellent video series for learning the basic rules of Infinity. The first of these videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUhdbaYmgI0

If you have a local presence for the game, try to find a WarCor member to give you a demo. WarCors are community members that Corvus Belli has essentially given ambassador status to for the game. Their goal is to grow the game through local support and event planning, etc. Nothing beats a “in real life” explanation of the game from someone who knows it, assuming they’re also a good teacher…

Either way you decide, be sure to let us know how it goes.