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AvatarUniversal Head

As you can see on the front page, I got it. The price is outrageous, but I was sick with the flu at the time so my resistance was weak. Also I like the hybrid models and can use those for other things. And the BOLS review made it sound fast and fun.

You really have to resign yourself to the expense though, because they have trimmed this one down as much as possible. There are lots of nice detailed minis as usual, but apart from that you get just 8 double-sided (non-interlocking) board sections, a few d6s, a few datacards, and a small deck of average quality cards (one of my cards wasn’t even trimmed cleanly!)

The rules themselves are so simple as to be almost non-existent, and I’m worried that it’s just a dicefest, but the variety seems to be in the scenarios. I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get it to the table (in a couple of weeks probably).

GW are bold, getting a premium for these boardgames, but they’re really going to have to increase the value in the next one (or decrease the price, and we all know that won’t happen) and keep the games interesting if they want the run to continue. Then again, they seem to sell these mostly to people who keep the figures and sell the boardgame anyway – ie, people used to paying insane prices for the figures alone.

Of course I can whinge all I want about the price, but the fact is I paid it, so I’m part of the problem!