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I find that it is becoming easier to resist purchasing the specialty games. I always like to wait a week after I get interested in one before I decide to purchase. I think I have come to realization that my fascination with the games are purely based on the cool new models in them and I end up slapping some sense into myself to not purchase the game. I believe you are right that there business model with these special releases is to put really cool minis in them, toss in a ‘meh’ game mechanic and bank on the hordes of Warhammer fans to purchase them purely for the models to use in their armies.

It is sad that GW has gone so far down the rabbit hole when it comes to pricing. I absolutely love the Warhammer fantasy and 40k themes, have read many of the books, and play some of the video games. Yet I have not played the tabletop game in 5+ years because it has become a combination of bigger armies (more minis) and ever-increasing prices. The crux is that the minis look awesome!

Curse you GW but you will not be getting my money anytime soon.