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Home Forums The Gaming Room Asmodee Group (Largest publisher; Owns Fantasy Flight Games etc) Reply To: Asmodee Group (Largest publisher; Owns Fantasy Flight Games etc)


Retailers have to choose if they are online, or brick and mortar? That’s weird and going to force brick and mortar to shut down.

People with jobs don’t have time to visit the local store on a regular basis, but they do have time to shop online.

My local game store is basically the warehouse and you can browse around, but most of his business in done online.

I make impulse buys in store, but online I normally know what I’m looking for.

As for the ‘buying games to sell’… That’s ridiculous. Only time I hear about that is with kickstarter where people buy extra to sell the exclusives.

I don’t own anyhting by Asmodee, but own a lot by FFG and they love their expansions, but if they push the prices too high, I will buy less or none.

But apparently that’s what they want…

Guess I’ll just have to buy more Kickstarter games, buy from other companies, or pick them up second hand on eBay.