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I believe that brick-and-mortar game stores need to change their focus or they will end up dying out to the online stores. Game stores need to focus creating a ‘community’ environment that makes me want to go to the store to hang out. Tabletop gaming is inherently a social activity and these stores can thrive as hubs for meeting and playing. All of the best game stores I know provide ample table space, terrain to use, WiFi, and snack bars. I go to these places with the intention of hanging out and playing but inevitably after spending a few hours in a store I end up buying something. They will never be my primary method of purchasing games but they definitely can still operate successfully.

The best game store near me doesn’t even sell board games or tabletop games. They actually were originally a coffee shop/bistro that ended up turning into a local gaming hangout. I spend 20-30$ buying food and drinks there while gaming with friends. Stores need to make me want to go hang out there and the truth is that the majority of game shops are very unwelcoming.

I stopped by one a few weeks ago that was so poorly lit I thought I was in a cave. The workers were all huddled in a corner looking over MTG cards and actually got mad when I asked if they had a game I wanted. Needless to say, I have no desire to return.