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“I never liked the long-winded ‘roll to hit, roll to wound, roll to save’ system that GW just can’t seem to let go of.”




I thought I was the only one!!

Every time I try to sit through a battle report for 40k, I’m saying to myself.. “really? Why!? Why should it take that many rolls to determine a hit!?” What freaking point is there rolling to hit, if I have to roll again to see if the hits wound? And then he gets to save!? ACK!!!!! BLURRRRGGGHHHH! I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!

Seriously!! Roll to hit. There I’ve hit him. DONE!!! Maybe an armor save? (looking at you, Infinity, you sexy bitch)

Really though. Perhaps one of the things that appeals to me most of the good old “Sedition Wars” was the simplified attack rolls. Each unit has a fixed armor value, 15 for example, and each weapon has a modifier. You roll three attack dice, and add them together along with the weapon modifier to see if they exceed the armor value. If the sum exceeds the armor, you hit! DONE! No defense rolls. No “roll to wound” “roll to save”

…and there’s exploding sixes. Damn I love them. 🙂