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Universal Head

We enjoyed the games, but in both cases it was pretty much two lines of units going up against each other. And in the second one, even though I killed Will’s commander, he won beause his motivation made it so easy for him to get points.

Of course, this could all be down to our skill at playing, and we should probably pay more attention to the motivations; scoring them and thwarting the scoring of them.

But the other day I got a second copy of the Operation Frostbite campaign box for AT-43, and it struck me that no one is doing that kind of stuff anymore. I remember how excited I was when that originally came out. A story-driven campaign in a box, with some terrain elements and models in it, would be fantastic for WoK. I’d love to play a sequence of games that had some background behind them beyond just the motivation mechanic; with interesting setups, variant forces, special objectives etc.

The tabletop gaming scene is sorely in need of some really fresh thinking, I reckon.