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I think that can be a problem with WoK having some motivations which are far to easy to achieve and quickly knock down the opponent’s moral. I think CMoN did a battle report where factions chose Motivations not designed for them to add some extra interest to the game. Maybe having your opponent select two motivations for you to choose (randomly or not) from could be an option.

Op Frostbite was a good package and something like that could perk up interest for WoK. A few older smaller ‘warband’ type games like Mordheim, Necromunda and Dogs of War(Confrontation3) had campaigns….perhaps something like that with a few specialists and leaders as continuing characters and a pool of infantry as a resource would work for WoK. It would make you plan carefully not to loose too many of either and not sacrifice herds of infantry to kill off a character or elite unit too often. GW has had a few goes at continuing campaigns too.

Infinity does have a Paradiso Campaign book with a flow chart to determine future battles based on previous outcomes. This is probably due for some sort of revamp in the future inline with the rest of the N3 stuff.