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I’m all in on Android: Netrunner. My best friend and I play it, but I’m the only one who actually has cards. He usually builds decks online and then pieces them together on game night. Not optimal, but it works, and we both really enjoy playing the game.

I REALLY want to get into Game of Thrones, mostly because I’m a big fan of the fiction, but I’ve had a hard time getting excited from the game play videos I’ve seen. My biggest concern with the game, at least from what I’ve watched, is the slow rate at which players go through their decks. Maybe I’ve just seen badly played games. Maybe it’s the houses I’ve seen. But it just seems like not many cards come off that deck past the starting hand. Peter, can you offer any feedback about this aspect? Money wise, I really love the appeal of getting in while it’s new. On the same topic though, I’m sort of nudging my friend to collect that one and let me do Netrunner.

I discovered a fantastic store based on Tulsa OK that also has quite a web following, Team Covenant. They have a subscription service wherein you pick which games you want, and which products (small packs, big box expansions, etc.) and they’ll auto charge your credit card and send you the newest packs as soon as they’re available. Now I’m never behind. 🙂 Highly recommended, for those in the states anyway.