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Some of the advance info infers Rum & Bones: Second Tide is another core boxset with extra game mechanics. It will be up next week so we’ll see more detail then I suppose.

With WoK there have been sporadic photos of new figures over the past months but have any made it to retail yet ?
Or will WoK be consigned to a Kickstarter only release update every couple of years or some sort of core game reboot ?

“That’s what the tournament play was about: all the battles in a campaign that would alter the history of Arikania.”
Confrontation3 did that and changed some of the affiliations between faction and the alignment of a few.

These days I don’t think you can have too many games over an extended time as no shows and boredom can quickly set in.
I can see that if your fraction/army is on a hiding to nothing after the first couple of games you have less enthusiasm to continue with dwindling resources or fame/reputation.