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Oh my…LCG´s…I really like how every game brought some familiar elements and combined them with new mechanics…so every LCG feels and plays different….so to make it short…I have them ALL.

There…I said it…so much for being a sucker/collector 😉 Despite them being a money grave and the usual storage Problems that come with the amount FFg puts out…they are all quite fun games to play. Every style of play is served…light and fast to slow and tactical….solo to multiplayer…fantasy or scifi. Sometimes I just go trough some of them to look at the great artwork and the bit of fluff. Sometimes getting ideas for my RPG´s or the spark for a new deck.

Played CCG´s since magic the gathering was born and tryed most of them until I got tired of the ever more expanding blind buy+strange raritys+quicker release tactics and some other reasons. LCG´s got me back in and I found that I like their way much more…so I am all in for the long run and looking forward to the next couple of games.