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My friends bought me the old Game of Thrones living card game after watching the Inside the Box Youtube episode on it. I am not normally a fan of card games as I am usually terrible at them. However, I liked that one. I found the starter box a little hard to get balanced games in with as it just barely enough for 4 players. Yet, I knew I also didn’t want to get sucked into the money pit of buying more cards. On top of that, I am getting to the point that putting together army lists for miniatures games is more effort than I want to put in before a game. I really have no interest in deck construction. Especially, since I would have to try and balance out all 4 houses and keep the deck pretty basic for new-ish players. In the end, we played the Game of Thrones LCG a few times before my friends found it a little more complicated and backstabby that they like. Kinda like the show itself. I really don’t think I will get a chance to play it ever again, and I’m mostly okay with that. I still get the urge to paint the titles miniatures.