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AvatarCK Lai

Minis: if you’re an experienced miniatures guy, you’ll know what to do. But it is a pain. No getting past that 🙁 But the game is really fun. Proxy with other minis? If you’ve got Space Marine type minis and zombie-ish minis ….

Rule book 2.0 : don’t bother. CMON’s support (never really good in the best of times) seems to have gone downhill (my own anecdotal evidence. YMMV). The rule book isn’t even current!

Seriously : UH’s rules summaries and cards are all you need to play the game. He’s got the most up-to-date rules to be found on the web that incorporates all the available official errata. (OK, maybe that was a bit of hyperbole. Download the 2.0 rules and read them to get a sense of the fluff and thinking behind the game design. Then use the EoG summaries to play the game.)