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CK Lai

@Universal Head : You’re welcome. Using your rules summaries, I discovered a couple of errors and maybe some places where you could make some useful additions. I’ll post those over at the rules summary page. 🙂

I haven’t used the solo rules yet. From all accounts, they work but they are such a chore to slog through. Lots of conditions etc. Worse than MERCS Recon in that respect. At least those had cards to help you along.

I would also dare say the rules for Sedition Wars would work very well for a light tabletop skirmish game. Everything is there: force lists using points, overwatch, combined arms, LoS… just change movement from “squares” to “inches” and you’re good to go. Although the LoS rule might need to be clarified using normal tabletop minis LoS rules (base to base rather than center point to center point, obscured bases block LoS, etc.).

But the game utterly drips with theme. Think of all the SF horror type movies you’ve watched and this game will re-create them… in spades! Mission 3 had the Strain winning, killing off all Vanguard except for the last one that dissolved into a pile of gooey nano goop… while several Vanguard mutated into Strain themselves, leaving zombie Strain to shuffle aimlessly on the train platform while other Strain made it into the train that automatically carried its deadly passengers into the next station…

Have set up Mission 7 but Real Life prevents me from continuing right now… 😛

: yup, rules v2.0 streamlines the game considerably, but only the rules summaries here gather ALL the latest errata that never made it into the official Rule Book v.2.0. (Not even the PDF version). You won’t find a more complete source of all the up-to-date rules elsewhere since even CMoN and McVey seem to have disavowed this game.