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I don’t know, the Rebellion hasn’t won yet! 🙂

It’s not my ideal winning scenario but as you’re playing it you get that feel of trying to undermine the empire. I think some of that has to do with the theme of the cards you use – sabotaging planets, moving the marker due to morale loss because you blew up a star destroyer, guerilla style strike attacks, things like that. The game itself keeps things pretty tense. When the markers meet I’m assuming there will be relief because you’ll have survived the empire’s onslaught.

My friend and I are playing blind (haven’t read all of the cards yet) because we like to be surprised. We figure we enjoy it so we’ll have enough time to develop & refine strategies. I’ve only played the Rebels once and I didn’t manage their resources well so, once the base was discovered, I wasn’t in a good spot to protect it. The timing track also plays a big part in strategy because, as the timer marker advances, the recruiting leaders and building units markers are pre-determined. So you can’t recruit/build every turn. We don’t have the timing down for that yet.

There are really a lot of interactions that need managed through the game.