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AvatarUniversal Head

Season 1 my arse. Seriously, releasing a half-baked game and then later calling it ‘Season 1’ is just blowing smoke up it.

There are some worrying bad habits being accepted as the new normal in the boardgame industry in general. Marketing BS like Name of Game: Another Name of Game or this latest one: Merchants & Marauders presents: Broadsides for a game that has a pirate theme but has nothing else to do with M&M. And now when a company fixes all the gameplay flaws they should have playtested and discovered before the initial release, the now subpar original we all paid for is called ‘Season 1’ is it?


I like CMON’s stuff, but the lure of easy Kickstarter dollars can easily tempt a company to go off the rails. I hope they keep their eye on quality and value.