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Hi, first post in these forums. I really enjoy the videos of Esoteric Order of Games and the rules manual. They are indeed precious and easy to consult.

Well for me, I play solo because I don’t have anyone to play with at the time being. Boardgames are not that common in Portugal with only a store or two with games (most of them the fantasy flight or other bigger companies) – fortunally kickstarter exists 🙂

One of my favourite solo games is undoubtly Arkham Horror. If you enjoy Cthulhu Mythos and dice throwing then this is a great game. Eldritch Horror is also very good but in my opinion the price range of their big boxes is absurd and so I only have the two small expansions.

Magic Knight as you’ve said is probably one of those that are on the top of the list for most youtubers and gamers on boardgamegeek. Then, you’ve got Kingdom Death. I know it’s pricy. I pay 300$ for it but they are worth it. The game is enourmous. You can play one playthrough (20 lantern years) and each year takes at least 1h. If you finish the game you can restart and I bet that nothing is going to be the same. There are some expansions to increase the replay value but they are not necessary… The only setback $$$. But if you want a cheaper you’ve got Shadows of Brimstone. You can buy the set for 150$ and you’ve got thousands of hours. A lot of material is coming out so it’s big and expanding.

Myth, B-sieged, Zombicide Black Plague and many others are single player friendly and you lose nothing by playing solo.