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Cmon games… There a lot to say to them. You’ve got the Zombicide franchise which are good – if you like miniature dungeon crawler. You’ve got Arcadia Quest that unless you have several party playes you will get bored because it’s always the same. (Well zombicide after the campaign is useless as well). Xenoshyft is good in terms of playing but there are a lot of great games in the same time Legendary Encounters per example.

B-Sieged is another game with good miniatures but pretty boring if playing solo or after playing two games.

Blood Rage can’t really talk but there is a lot of vibe by the gaming community.

Relic Knights & Rivet Wars & Wrath of Kings (the first is soda) but they are games that it seems that they thought lets sell a lot of minis and never think about those games. We’ll release a mini every six month just to say we are here… The videos of Order of Games were the ones that made me bought a Nasier & Goritsi kickstarter from ebay. And I Am a lonely game. But I Will pay them and someday they will see the day…

Rum & Bones – Boring little game with no story. It’s a tabletop miniatures but with tiles.

The Others: 7 Sins – GREAT minis. But the gameplay – well let us see. I think the price is worth for the minis.

One of games I am eagerly waiting from them is Chronicles of Hate. There isn’t a lot of information. I would love a tabletop miniature games like wrath of kings.

Talking about Wrath of Kings – this game could be great. There aren’t any “evil” factions. All of them are pretty different. Aquatic theme? Where did you see that in other tabletop? Pigs! Sharks! Trolls!… They could make more factions, like a winged faction from the mountains or underground faction maybe… Enfin..

Well, rambling.. I Still buy their games but they should playtest their games a little more. B-sieged even before being released had some Q&A. But that’s not so a problem of them but of Kickstarter – Dungeon Saga printed their hardback book with XX where should be a number of page to consult.

I am waiting rather anxious to play several games coming out of kickstarter that I backed.

Endure the Stars; Gloomhaven; Scythe; The 7th Continent; Lobotomy; Middara, Myth 2, The OThers and Conan. So many games, so little space :X
I am addicted…

One of my great dissapointments was Journey: Wrath of Demons. I Backed and receive the main board but they are pretty silent for times of the expansions. 100$ there.. bah.