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Just watched the boss fight of Dark Souls and it does look different, very tactical… and deadly. Odd to show a demo where heroes are slaughtered.

That’s fine in a video game, where there are save points, but I doubt that feature exists in the board game.

Although I have a lot of dungeon games, I am a sucker for solo play and the fact that this has raised so much funding and so many stretch goals, plus it’s UK so reduced shipping, makes it tempting, but I won’t commit until I see what has been unlocked.

There’s a list of stuff, but without matching artwork revealed it is meaningless.

But more importantly, I need to see a play through of a ‘non-boss’ fight to get a better feel for it, plus the non-combat aspects of play.

Basically, a full play through is needed. And some painted miniatures would help evoke the setting.