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Home Forums The Gaming Room What is keeping you from historical miniatures wargames? Reply To: What is keeping you from historical miniatures wargames?


For WWII, I been using Bolt Action. Although, I am having a bit of a falling out with the rules. I really don’t like the Multi-Launcher rules, Recce, or Cavalry and also not much of a fan of FOs/AFOs but can at least deal with them. I don’t take them, but I don’t get bent out shape about them like the other units I mentioned. I also think non-vehicle machine guns need work among other things. I still like it well enough so long I don’t have really the units I mentioned above.

I have been considering picking up Force on Force or Chain of Command, but I haven’t been super impressed with either. I know it isn’t really realistic at 28mm scale, but I like the combined arms idea of a bunch infantry squads, some artillery teams and a couple of vehicles.

To that effect, I have also been re-writing Dust Warfare (my favorite miniatures wargame) for non-pulp/sci-fi/alt-history game. My gaming group (and a couple of my friends) are very open on the games and rules we use so long as they are fairly accessible and decently fast playing. We also tend to game board game style where one player supplies all the miniatures for the particular game which works very well for historical games.

For the American Revolution, I am using Black Powder which I will readily admit might be a little weak as many of the formations in the rules aren’t used as well as little cavalry. However, the Rebellion! supplement is awesome with how it details out scenarios from major battles with how to set the table up, which units are includes and the special rules to use. I also plan to pick up Musket and Tomahawk to use my AWI miniatures for skirmish games.

I am a big fan of westerns, and I’m a little surprised there are all that many, comparatively, lines for 28mm cowboys. I know of Knuckleduster which I’m not very impressed by their line really. I’ll take a look at Dead Man’s Hand, but I don’t do Kickstarters. The closest I came was with Dust Tactics, and boy howdy, I’m glad I didn’t.

I think I have seen some of the miniatures for Blood and Plunder. I have to say the ones I saw look really nice. I wouldn’t mind playing pirate swashbuckling game, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be too high up the list of eras/genres I want to paint.

Strangely, I think I would want to go the other direction of WWII. Instead of WWI, I sometimes wonder about the Korean War as it really does seem like the forgotten war. It just seems like their too many historical eras/wars to explore sometimes.