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Home Forums The Gaming Room What is keeping you from historical miniatures wargames? Reply To: What is keeping you from historical miniatures wargames?


@CK Lai

I can understand that aspect as well. I can’t say I get too excited over Tolkien/D&D based generic fantasy as I played way too much D&D for me to ever want to go back to a world of elves, dwarves, orcs and tons of magical items. Games like Wrath of Kings or Hell Dorado appeal to me far more as they aren’t the worn out path that fantasy gaming has become to me.

I can also understand not wanting to have build and paint a crazy amount of models. My current project in the American Revolution in 28mm scale. I have base coated well over 300 miniatures (roughly 150 for both sides) which is enough to have half sized (12 figures) units. For some of the larger battles I would have to go with 6 figures to really stretch out my collection. While there are a couple of historical games that only use about a dozen or so miniatures per side, they are few and far between and some still require quite a bit of terrain to really sell the era. With fantasy and sci-fi settings you can give the models more powers to keep their numbers lower, and they are usually far more forgiving in terrain consideration.

I think the Dust games, whichever flavor you prefer, could make for a fine “mundane” World War II game. Change the Soldier levels to S1=Green, S2=Regular, S3=Veteran (I leave out S4 since in Warfare they are crazy hard to kill). Then work out the best vehicle analog like the Mickey is the template for a Sherman or the Ludwig is the template for a Panzer IV. The only real issue I have been wrestling with is I would also like to have typical full strength squads of 10-12 men available which can be problematic.