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Thanks guys. My hope was that this first build gave me some insight into how these things go well (and on two occasions terribly. Those tiles were binned). I learned a lot.

40K, and some 40K, with a bit of 40K on top. To be honest there’s not much in the way of a gaming community here. You’ll get a few small groups, and in this city it’s hard to find anyone that plays more than Warhammer or Munchkin but I think that’s more to do with accessibility than the will to play new games. It’s really difficult/expensive to get things like Malifaux, Warmachine, X Wing, etc here – not to mention most of the new ‘indie’ games are only available in English.

Woodland Scenics mate 😉 Honestly, I tried to put a paint-base in there of simple a sand texture. I read on some website a guy who found that a certain type of acrylic reacted in a weird way with the Scenics water giving a ‘fluffy sand’ look when it all dried. It worked a treat here. This was 3 layers of the stuff as it kept shrinking leaving a curved area on the edges. I found that adding a few more layers that thinned out towards that edge made that less obvious.

Overall the whole layout covers 120cm by 120cm (4×4) and can be arranged in 90cm by 90cm (3×3) also.

If anyone has an idea of how to avoid chipping, that’d be awesome.

Anyway… thanks guys.