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Thanks buddy. Until this point I’ve only ever played on roll-out mats and watching you build that modular system, the texture, painting all of it just made me think – let’s take a crack at that! So thank you!

I don’t have a photo of a ‘raw’ board. They’re basically a ‘frame’ for an artist to stretch a finished canvas painting over. 4 strips of wood around the back side that forms a frame and a thin 3mm bit of plywood flush on the front surface. They’re solid, quite weighty, and don’t warp. The handy thing, and something I never thought of until I was trying work out how to do the pond, is that if you flip them over to the back there’s a natural recess that can hold a square of polystyrene you can then dig into and create (say….) a pond. The upside of all this is no sawing and making sure everything lined up flush.

board image

Not sure the image helps explain much there. Maybe this explains those frames better. Just imagine it without the glass sheet or those bits inside.

another image

The hills we’re just polystyrene surrounded by tree bark. I didn’t bother making sure hills spilled over to the next tile at the right points and still allow that modular change. I felt that 60cm by 40cm boards are plenty big enough to create a substantial hill all on one tile. I sprinkled around some larger/smaller stones and finished everything with a series of watered down black, grey and a little brown here and there. I wanted a ‘scorched-earth’ type of play surface for Warmachine, DarkAge, Wrath of Kings (when it arrives), hell even X Wing will play ok on certain tiles of this.

Thanks guys