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Based on his table demeanor, I’m guessing “talkie” is his way of saying, “I’m just here to fight things with dice. Please don’t try to have a character conversation with me.”

I’m pretty sure I just found my way into a group who’s style does not match my own. They’re literally all NASA engineers. At least one is a physicist. I’m pretty sure two of them work on simulations for NASA. They’re all 100% completely numbers people. Each session so far is dominated by over analysed statistics based decision making. Careful study of the most optimal action, NOT the most fun or creative….and dice rolling. It feels pretty much like the background calculations of a turn based video game, but sitting at a table watching people do it in real life…

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the FFG Star Wars RPG, but essentially there are different types of dice and depending on the results on each type of dice, you’re encouraged to narrate the consequences accordingly.

e.g. A “success” on a skill die would be narrated differently than an “advantage” on a boost die.

So something that may play out like this with an imaginative GM/group:
GM: “OK, you got one success, one advantage. Your shot strikes the storm trooper (success die), but you must have hit a kink in his armor (advantage die), because the plating on his left side falls off leaving him exposed. He yells in pain and trips over his own feet trying to run away.”

In MY group it would be more like this:
GM: “Ok, you got one success, one advantage. Ok. That’s a hit. Rolling for damage….Ok 2 damage. And what are you going to spend your advantage on?”
Player: “I’m gonna recover 1 strain.”
GM: “OK. Next.”

The strangest thing is they all seem to LOVE playing the game, and they talk about it in Google chat all the time. Strangely their musings in Google chat are 100% more funny and imaginative than during a session. I think it’s just in their nature to play it the way they do, and while it’s a frustrating way to be introduced to the genre, I can’t really blame them or be mad at them. I mean, it’s THEIR group. I’m just the new guy and maybe it’s not a right fit for ME.

Anyway…My closest friend in the group (the one who introduced me) bought me the core rule book for Edge of the Empire for my birthday this month. So, rather than wallow in self pity, my goal is to learn the rules and GM my own group…Or perhaps I’ll offer to GM the next campaign in this one and engineer a “talkie” heavy campaign where imagination is required. Muahahahahah!