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AvatarCK Lai

Thanks, UH! Did a 2nd playtest with some re-balanced units (Clone Infantry, Crossbowmen, Phemeras and the Dasyatis specialist.) Worked better. Feels a bit more balanced.

The interesting thing about them being clones is: the Rank 1 Leaders each have their own Special Abilities, but because they share the same Clone trait, they can cross-command both the Infantry and Crossbowmen so that the loss of one isn’t as devastating as it would be for a normal WoK House faction.

While the Dirz troops performed better in terms of balance, the Nasier still kicked their butts due to some excellent die rolls. It wasn’t even close! Morale: Dirz 1; Nasier 5.

I’ve worked out some background fluff and the unit cards are undergoing some last minute fine-tuning. I’ll try and play test some Rank 2 Infantry (Sentinels) and the Rank 2 Character Leaders (Lady Claudia; Kheris… and it’s a toss-up between Ysis or Sykho).

(I printed the play mat myself from a file downloaded off the Megacon Games MERCS web site).