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CK Lai

Hi guys!

Yup, those are markers from Dungeon Command. I have so many of them, they are my go-to set for anything: Resonate, Wounds, and Activation. 😀

: yes, you can proxy the Wolfen for the Goritsi with no problem. You can get the Skorza Skirmishers, Skorza Aplha, Shield Breaker and Scourge Hound. Just remember they need to hit and run else they’ll get into trouble once their foes strike back. 😀


Evaluation after the 2nd play-test:

1. Tactics work. Crossbowmen are deadly. Especially to models who only have Resilience 1, Wound 1. And Volley Fire (Combined Activation Inspire) doubles that if hit for tougher foes. But the Crossbowmen are squishy. So the Clone Infantry will be their meat shields. It worked. To a certain extent. I need to buff the Clone Infantry a bit more, so I’m going to try Special Ability: Hive Mind. Basically, an unengaged (but maybe activated) Clone can move up to take the Wound for an another Clone under attack. Hope that’ll work to make the Clone Infantry more “meat shield”-like.

2. The Phemera: have now turned into a nuisance. But a deadly nuisance. Enemies that need to cluster tightly together for buffs (Shael Han Legionnaires, Bloodmasks) tend to tread warily because of the Phemera’s high movement and ability to squirm through enemies and friendlies alike. Of course, how much damage they do still depends on the roll of one die, but still…

3. The Skorizes specialist: deadly but squishy, even with Resilience 1, Wounds 3. Because he can usually do massive damage in a single attack (he took out a Rathor in 1 blow in my 1st play test thanks to his “Scout” ability), enemies usually gang up on him to finish him off. I’ll test him out with Resilience 2, Wound 1 and see if his chances improve.

4. Any of the larger specialists are deadly. The Dasyatis has the annoying “Regen” ability that allows it to shrug off wounds, even though it’s a Resilience 1, Wound 2 model. Plus its attack is particularly nasty as well. Works well, and I think I’ll keep him the way he is: deadly, but able to be taken down with some effort.

Once I’ve done a 3rd play test, I’ll evaluate again and post the links to the cards. 😀