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CK Lai

2nd play test for the Dirz faction vs Nasier (again). Same set up as 1st game, just dropped 1 Phemera for 1 Crossbowman.

Dirz works more smoothly now. Better synergies. But Nasier also learning to handle the Dirz better, so this (together with some truly atrocious dice rolls on the part of Dirz – eg. both Phemera were killed and they passed their Will Checks so could blow themselves up, but poor rolls meant their foes escaped injury) let to an even larger Nasier victory. Morale: Nasier 5; Dirz 1. They was no mathematical way Dirz could’ve won with only 3 Crossbowmen and 1 Dasyatis left. Nasier had most of their troops intact, having dealt with the Clones around the mana crystals.

The nice thing about the Dasyatis having a 2″ melee Reach is that he can still hit the Bloodmasks, who’ve taken cover behind the walls for some protection from the Crossbowmen. The Skorizes only has a 1″ Reach, so he can’t do that (the wall was 1.5″ wide).

Once again, I’m finding having a significant number of ranged troops capable of causing significant damage changes the dynamics of the game. Flanking is now de rigueur, as is use of terrain for cover, which is nice.

Will try next game with Hadross or Shael Han since they have significant Will attacks and see how the Dirz can cope with that.