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My partner and I recently jumped in on the GoT 2nd Ed core set, as well as Android Netrunner some months back. We love the asymmetry of both, though she does not always enjoy the brutality of GoT.
So far we’ve enjoyed the base games of both enough to warrant an expansion here or there, but as we primarily do our gaming in groups we just enjoy what we have. Seeing them instead as another 2-player game in a repertoire of games means we don’t see a need to constantly expand the experience. We play them from time to time and not religiously enough to burn through all the core options.
As a 2-Player experience, both are fantastic as just the core set. We see them as akin to 7 Wonders Duel or Jambo, fantastic games crafted for 2, and the later packs as optional expansions. This is obviously a casual approach and may limit replayability in the long run, but we always have the option to expand if / when we want to.
LCG’s are a lifestyle of gaming, much like miniature gaming and CCG’s before it, where the collection and expansion of options is a core draw card for the experience. I must admit, I prefer the self-contained nature of board games personally, but enjoy the gameplay of the LCG’s I’ve played so far.