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CK Lai

BatRep with Lady Claudia using version 0.93 of the Dirz stat cards.

Removed the Mana Crystal requirement, so it’s a straight up fight with each side needing to fulfil their Motivations… or wipe the other side out.

Same army set-up for the Dirz as previous play test except that I swapped out Sykho for Lady Claudia. And I dropped the Shield of Taelfon for Hong Yao, and man, the Shael Han really felt the lack of his presence! Shields of Taelfon are a MUST for Shael Han. Bring 2 if you can!

Dirz: Morale 11. Motivation: cull stem cells of selected leader/specialist.

Shael Han: Morale 10. Motivation: destroy supply dump.

The forces of Dirz are raring to go up against Shael Han, boosted by Lady Claudia.


Both sides advanced and as usual, the poor Phemera were the first to go. First blood to the Iron Lotuses as they made for one of the supply dumps! This time, however, I’m trying to use the Phemera as a mass melee unit, since they can squirm into and through units to get to the back line to try and take out the leaders. Their blowing up is a bonus if it happens.

But the main battle happened in the center as the Crossbowmen and Clone Infantry advanced. Here you see classic light infantry tactics as the Clone Infantry spread out so the Crossbowmen can move in between to shoot. This is also perfect for using their “Hive Mind” ability.

The Wrath and Big Sister foolishly engaged the Aberration Prime in their attempt to get to Lady Claudia. Poor fools! They failed to bring him down (dealing only 1 wound), so his Counter Attack wiped out 2 Wrath and the Big Sister! He only stopped because there were no more enemies in a 2″ range. Still too OP!

Then the Clone Infantry + Crossbowmen managed to punch through the Dragon legionnaires to take out the Legion Keeper! The Fulung Dragon returned the favour by eliminating the Biopsist (Clone Infantry leader).

Hong Yao was waaaaay to far to the SH left flank to be useful. And it didn’t help that he ran into a pair of Crossbowmen that hit him for 3 Wounds (with their Volley Fire). He managed to mitigate 1, but that meant he took a hit. He was more careful after that, and he used his ranged magic attack to great effect. What about his main purpose for being included in the SH army list, that of Lady Claudia’s assassin? Pfft.

The play test is at an interesting stage now. Lady Claudia is about to attempt to fulfill the Dirz Motivation (interact with the marked enemy leader: Mdm Mui) while the lone remaining Iron Lotus attempts to stop her.

(I really need to finish painting my terrain and minis)
The 2 Rank 2 specialists are about to engage? The Fulung ignored the Aberration Prime to go after the Dirz Rank 1 Leader. (That Wound marker on the Aberration Prime was put there by the hapless Wrath before the Prime took them out in one fell swoop).

Hong Yao and a lone Dragon Legionnaire (lower right) have a reasonably clear route to their Motivation: the 2 remaining supply dumps.

This’ll be interesting. Both sides are at 4 Morale (recorded via the dice on top of the ruined stairs). But if Dirz can succeed with theirs this coming Round, it’ll mean victory for them, as the SH have no way to claw back 4 Morale points in 1 round.

An interesting tactical setup. Methinks the side that wins the initiative now will have a huge advantage.

Sadly, real life intrudes and the play test cannot continue. Thankfully, I do have a small gaming table set up that I can leave the game untouched until the weekend.

So final report, conclusion and analysis this weekend. 🙂


Notes so far:

Overall, play test balancing is smoothing things out a bit. The Aberration is STILL too powerful! Need to dial him down some more. Lady Claudia is just about right. Just need some tweaking on the terms used in the abilities. She’s a very powerful technomancer… but can’t do everything in one turn, which is as it should be. She has a decent melee weapon… but is VERY squishy, so she’s best used as to buff and de-buff troops.

All in all, the Dirz are now able to stand up to a normal WoK faction and give as good as they get. They’ve lost Sykho’s “Tunic of Blood” but gained Lady Claudia’s “Caress Of Arh-Tolth” (aka. clone spamming) ability.