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AvatarUniversal Head

The problem I have with a lot of these Kickstarter dungeoncrawlers is that the quality of the miniatures isn’t that good. The minis in games like Fireteam Zero and Shadows of Brimstone have pretty soft detail, the sculpting is slightly amateurish (3D sculpting by 3D guys translating concept art rather than real sculpting by miniature sculptors) and it’s not worth doing much more than a basic paint job on them. Dark Souls looks like it’ in the same camp – I doubt you’ll get the definition you can see in the 3D renders.

So to me, they’re really just glorified boardgame pieces rather than minis; in which case the game has to be really good (eg Fireteam Zero stands up as a game; Shadows of Brimstone not so much), because it’s not worth buying the game just for the minis.