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CK Lai

BatRep with Lady Claudia using version 0.93 of the Dirz stat cards. Pt. 2

Haha! I literally did NOT see that one coming! Despite being in a poor position last round, and @briscoe999 ‘s feeling… Shael Han won the battle!

What happened? ‘Twas hubris that did the Dirz in. They were so sure they had cornered Madam Mui. Their plan was going so well… the Sentinel finished off the last Iron Lotus. But Madam Mui managed to disengage from the other 2 Sentinels and move around the Dasyatis, as far away from Lady Claudia as she could. She managed to get out of Lady C’s 6″ movement, too, ensuring the culling would NOT happen this turn.


Then the Crossbowmen mixed it up with the Dragon Legionnaires. A Legionnaire killed the last Clone, then had enough movement to make it to the nearest supply dump… but couldn’t do any more! The Acolyte (Crossbowman Leader) disengaged from another Legionnaire and attempted to finish off the Legionnaire next to the supply dump… and missed! Basically this entire section was about Legionnaires trying to kill the Crossbowmen and the Crossbowmen trying to finish off that one Legionnaire next to the supply dump. Both sides failed in their objectives.

Then the much anticipated Clash of the Titans happened: the Aberration moved in to take down the Fulung Devourer… and for the first time ever in a game, whiffed his attack! None hit! 😮

The Fulung was about to whack the Aberration when he noticed something… Lady Claudia, standing all by her lonesome, gloating as she reveled in the sight of Madam Mui surrounded by 2 Sentinels and a Dasyatis… pinned, waiting for her to slowly move in and administer the coup de grace the next round…

Well, that was the Dirz intention, anyway. The Fulung had other ideas. He had to disengage first from the Aberration Prime of course. But that left him with 3″ Movement. No way to reach Lady Claudia in time, but… could he…? A quick flick of the measuring tape later and… yes he could!

The Fulung re-positioned himself, just within the 8″ range of his magic attack and allocated 2 dice to Lady Claudia and 2 dice to the Aberration. The dice rolled and….

… totally missed the Aberration! But… a “10” and a “9” landed on Lady Claudia! 3 Wounds! That was enough to completely remove her from the game since, in her hubris, she totally forgot to toggle her “Treatment M65” ability which would’ve given her the capability to try and shake off those wounds. But since she didn’t… down she went! Dirz Morale was now down to 2!

The shaken Dirz tried to finish of the last Wrath, but failed.

End of round and things were definitely looking up for the Shael Han!

Came the next Round… SH won the initiative for probably the first time in 3 or 4 Rounds. The Legionnaire cheekily ignored the supply dump he was adjacent to, and made his way to the next dump! One interaction later and the Dirz were down to -1 Morale!

The Dirz were now in a Catch-22: they couldn’t kill off Madam Mui, surrounded as she was, since that would’ve meant they’d’ve lost a further 4 Morale points! So the frustrated Aberration ignored the Fulung and went straight for the Wrath… and finished him off, triggering another attack on the hapless Legionnaire… 2 wounds, but the Legionnaire only managed to shake off one, since his Legion Keeper wasn’t around to bolster him with the “Diamond Wall” this time round. Down he went, and the Aberration headed for the last Legionnaire. 3 wounds finished off that Legionnaire…

But the Shael Han weren’t done yet! Hong Yao disengaged from the Acolyte and moved his 3″ to the supply dump ignored by the Legionnaire earlier! One interaction later, and Dirz was down to -5 Morale! That was a nasty Motivation, and the game ended with a resounding Shael Han victory!



In a Skirmish level game and higher, the Dirz are tough opponents because the Rank 2 leaders carry some serious buffs. But an Intro level game is a different story. Need to see to the survivability of the Rank 1 troops at smaller game sizes.

As mentioned earlier, the tweaks I made to Lady Claudia and Sykho seem to work: they can do many things… but have to choose what they want to do. This will be the last game Lady Claudia forgets to toggle her “Treatment M65” ability when she’s not doing anything else!

The Aberration is now dialled down to the right level. Clones, Crossbowmen, Phemera and Sentinels are now all working as they should.

The Clone Infantry/Crossbowman combo is there, but it needs a lot of careful play to pull off. I’ve tried the “Hive Mind” capability and it works. Switch an already activated Clone to take the hit for an unactivated Clone. Then use Lady Claudia to spam some more Clones. 😀


I think I’ve gone as far as I want to go with the play tests and tweaking. I’ll release version 0.94 of the stat cards now and let others try their hand at playing the Dirz in the world of Arikania.

It’s been lots of fun, and it’s given me some great insight into what it takes to design and balance a faction for a tabletop skirmish game like WoK. If I do any more play testing, it’ll probably be with Kheris. The poor guy is so underwhelming even in C:AotR … he’s basically a one-trick pony and not a very good one at that. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions…

I’ve also completed the Rank 2 Character Specialists… but don’t have the minis (or the time) to try them out.

So comes the end of the Dirz of Syhar faction in the world of Wrath of Kings (for now). Hope you folks enjoyed it. I know I did 🙂