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The original Warhammer Quest has always been an unobtainable “Grail” game that i knew i would most likely never be able to own.

Of course, my initial reaction was very, very, very positive after first hearing of this new version about to be released by GW.

But I am going to try to take a cautious approach and watch as many demos/playthoughs as i can before making a final informed decision. I already know that this new version is NOT an exact clone of the original WQ (whether that is a good thing or bad thing is of course up for debate).

Also, I know i am probably in the minority with this issue – but i really wish the minis would have been more of the snap-in version like Space Hulk 4th Edition (which I own) and not minis that will require alot of glueing (I read that some of the more detailed minis in WQ:ST have like 6 separate pieces!!)
I know the way GW did these minis allows for amazing excellent detail, but I would rather sacrifice some of that detail for much easier assembly.

Nevertheless, I will be watching this one with a very close eye in the coming weeks!