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Universal Head

I wish I was more excited about this but, well, it’s ANOTHER CO-OP DUNGEONCRAWLER! This genre is so exhausted it’s gasping its last. The figures are fine, but I just can’t see anything here that will bring anything worth having to the genre. And they’ve definitely gone cheap on number of the tiles.

As for store exclusives like ‘holo’ cards, buttons and art cards, give me a frickin’ break. What crap.

I’m beginning to think, sadly, the boardgame industry is starting to eat itself. It’s all about recycling IP names and regurgitating mechanics with a fresh coat of glossy paint but less in the box and more on the pricetag. Is this Warhammer Quest? Of course not, it’s a dungeoncrawler with different mechanics. But that doesn’t matter anyway because Warhammer Quest has long been superseded by other games anyway. This is just trading on nostalgia.

Do something NEW. Challenge the paradigms. Amaze us!