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I think the only way to show support for more innovation in the gaming industry is to support indie developers. As it was for many years in video games the big publishers put out the same game with different skins/textures at the full price year after year. People turned to supporting indie developers and over the last 6-8 years there have been some massive indie successes based around very new and unique mechanics.

The risk with supporting the little guys is that it almost always requires doing kickstarter/indiegogo and the truth is when I see a small or new studio on those sites I instantly think the project will either be many months late or completely flop. Unlike video games, board game development actual requires some capital investment to get things printed and molded. Compare that to video games where someone like Notch can develop Minecraft completely on his own and release the game without needing anything other than his PC.

I fear we are in for a long drought in board game innovation.