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We played our fist game of SW:Rebllion yesterday, and it was a blast. It took a long time (5h+) with learning all the rules and everything, but was very suspenseful!

I played the Rebels and I was thinking “How the f*** am I gonna win this thing?” all the time. But I hung on by the skin of my teeth and managed to scrape up two reputation points in turn 8 that gave me the win, JUST before the Empire found and invaded my base. Beautiful, I’m eager to play again.

The game included the Death Star blowing up a planet, Obi-Wan getting captured by Darth Vader and then rescued by Han Solo, only for Han getting caught before he could leave. Leia tried to rescue Han but failed, but at least prevented the Empire form freezing him in carbonite. In the end it was Obi-wan who paid back the favor and got Han out, picking up that crucial objective card on the way that secured my victory.

Overall not quite as epic as the War of the Ring, but also very thematic and fun. We’ll see about replayability.