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CK Lai

“Zombicide Dungeon Crawler Money Grab” works. 😉 Especially since they released an $8 add-on to crossover Z:BP heroes and zombies and MD heroes in both games.

And yes. CMON is banking on all the KS-exclusives and freebies to keep our mouths shut as they rake in the money and deliver the product with minimal post-KS updates. It’s pretty obvious to everyone CMON is cashing in on KS as a guaranteed money-maker: they’ve been doing one KS project every 6 weeks! And for Massive Darkness, they don’t even have the rules and all the sculpts ready unlike their previous projects, which shows how far they are pushing themselves to milk the KS gravy train.

In the end, I guess each person needs to vote with their wallets. MD is the final CMON KS for me… if only for the Z:BP crossover potential.